• Age: 44
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: european
  • Figure: M
  • Hair: blonde

About me

Ok, here I am. 45 now, real mother of 2 over 18 yo daughters - even if many do not believe it :). Married early, divorced, I'm here to enjoy myself, to take back my lost years of sexuality and desires.I'm your mommy, your lady, your pornstar, because that's what I am.I dream about raising money for an animal shelter, to explore the world and enjoy my daughters. My simple rules :):1. Respect me. I always show my respect to you.2. I'm a lady. Horny lady, open, sexual, but that does not mean I am a whore. So please use a respectful language.3. I am a mother. Respect my privacy, so please understand my trust terms - face only available in VIP face2face shows.4. Understanding - I chat, I love knowing people, but if I'm performing, I will answer later.5. If I am tired or at the end of my show, please understand and don't waste your credits on me - I respect you, so I do not fake ever when online 6. If more persons ahead of you in pvt, I wont take VIP also because I respect everyone.7. No humiliation, dirty jobs or pain requests. it's also my pleasure to be here, so I wont fake online for any amount of credits. 8. If you choose private show, assume that there can be other people also and I cannot respond to any desire.Thank you for understanding! xoxoxoxo
depends on mood
everything except pain, humiliation and dirty jobs
pain, humiliation and dirty jobs

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