• Age: 21
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: arab
  • Figure: S
  • Hair: black
  • HD

About me

What are my features? I am a young girl with skin as white as the moon. I am the one who can provide her guest not only with support, but also make hot desires a reality, be a real friend to him or become a passionate lover, which you have not met before. It is important for me to take into account the characteristics of each person. And also I am tolerant to the tastes and interests of other people.I like spending time talking to different people and learning more about their lives.I can support a conversation on many topics, because for more time together with a guest, you need not only a beautiful picture, it is also important to be a developed and understanding person.I am also well versed in the psychology of men and consider this to be my advantage.
I try to come in every day, in the late afternoon if you look at the time zone GMT-4
I like this audience, I'm ready to flirt and show my charms, you can discuss anything with me, I'm open and kind to everyone.
Sexism towards girls, insults

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