• Age: 30
  • Sex: male
  • Origin: european
  • Figure: S
  • Hair: blonde

About me

Follow our free Twitter for updates and content!One Polish and one Brit chilling out on camera with you.Laid back and aim to be totally interactive !One Bi and one Gay... may look for collabs in the future so hit us up if interested.Love feet, white Nike socks, big hands and trainers / sneakers.Love Nike TNs, have a few pairs currently and would look to sell if the price is right.Nothing off limits obviously in line of the website rules!Take a look at the wish list and see if there's anything you'd like to buy for us, you'll obviously get a gift in return for your kindness!If there are any specifics you're into, or items you'd like us to wear drop us a PM and we can sort something out.Looking forward to getting to know you!About us:Mark335'8"BritBiUK size 8 feet-------David295'11PolishGayUK size 8 feetWe also enjoy c2c whilst live to make the experience even more interactive..
White nike socks, caps, chavs, lads, str8 acting =... love cum!feet and open mindedness
Try us, we are very open minded!

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